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More than an assessment, PI is a breakthrough Talent Optimization system. Advanced analytics draw from tens of thousands of data points to diagnose your business challenges and prescribe remedies.

Design precision Job Targets and rank candidates against them in real time before you hire. Visualize your team-building efforts while measuring short- and long-term performance. Create custom reports to help you coach yourself and inspire your employees to greatness. Find the edge you’ve been missing with PI.

20% of Small & Medium Sized Businesses on Glassdoor’s 2019 Best Places to Work List Use PI

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CEO, HR professional or hiring manager—finding the right employees is tough. In fact, studies show only 21% of CEOs feel they get their money’s worth when they hire while 66% cite “talent-related issues” as their top business challenge. It’s no wonder only 30% of employees are engaged in their work. Why settle for those unfortunate statistics when you can leverage the power of PI instead?

10 Times

Increase in Workplace
Behavior Predictability

24 Million

Assessments Utilized by
Global Business Leaders

5 Hundred

Validity Studies Across
Jobs and Locations

Thousands of Companies Worldwide Rely on the Power of PI

Your Challenge
  • Misconceived first impressions
  • Unmotivated employees
  • Underperforming employees
  • Massive applicant pool wastes time
  • Losing top talent
  • Lack of team unity
  • Self-awareness as a manager
The PI Solution
  • An objective approach to hiring
  • Know what drives individual success
  • Understand personal stressors
  • Filter applicants by job fit
  • Learn what keeps talent engaged
  • Develop synergistic team-building formulas
  • Know yourself to optimize management style
PI at Work

Watch how PI works to turn difficult
challenges into natural solutions.


Intelligent Software for
Intelligent Businesses

PI is an elegant and sophisticated system that takes an intelligent approach to assessing human capital. Backed by decades of scientific research and a proven track record, you can feel confident every HR decision you make is informed by sound methodologies. Predict job performance, develop existing talent, build powerhouse teams and more—PI guides you every step of the way.

Results in Minutes

PI assessments take mere minutes, and yet the results deliver lasting performance. Even better, because it’s an accessible and easy-to-use SAAS platform, getting started with PI requires nothing more than a desire to improve your business’ success. There’s no software to install and no complicated learning curve…only the instant results you need.

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