Masters of The Predictive Index in King of Prussia

Based out of Pennsylvania and looking for a Predictive Index Certified Partner? Then look no further. MEA’s headquarters are in King of Prussia, PA. And while we serve much of the East Coast’s Mid-Atlantic region, we’re experts in helping Pennsylvania companies grow using PI assessments.

We Know King of Prussia and Pennsylvania

So, what makes King of Prussia so special? It’s one of Pennsylvania’s great tech, manufacturing and business corridors. Not only that, it’s home to the largest mall in the U.S., the King of Prussia Mall (aka, KOP).

Toss in an abundance of office parks and diverse companies, and King of Prussia is the place businesses of all sizes have more opportunities to thrive.

And speaking of business size, PA is home to a whopping 42 Fortune 1000 companies. 21 of those are in the Fortune 500 list. That’s especially impressive considering most states have only five or fewer Fortune 500s. And twelve have none at all.

Now, does that mean your organization needs to be a behemoth to use PI? Of course not. But the PI Talent Optimization system may help get you there faster than a drive from KOP to Philly along I-76. In fact, small-to-medium sized businesses benefit just as much as the likes of Dell, IKEA and Microsoft.

What is the Predictive Index?

If you’ve landed on this page, you likely know something about PI, whether from a past employer, former HR director, colleague, executive or your own research. What you may not know is that PI never stops improving. For this reason, it’s now used by more than 6,000 businesses of every size and category.

What was once a series of behavioral, cognitive and sales assessments has now evolved into a breakthrough Talent Optimization system. What’s that mean?

It means it’s best not to think of PI as a test. PI is more like an engine fueled by business challenges and executive, HR and managerial input. The power it puts out: optimal business results driven by four key components.

What are those components? Diagnose, Design, Hire and Inspire. And in King of Prussia, we lead when it comes to PI-based talent optimization.


PI’s four-part discipline starts with an overall diagnosis. The goal is to understand the roadblocks or pitfalls preventing you from aligning your business and people strategies. This step starts by using PI assessments to analyze and measure your people data.

What makes PI assessments so powerful is that they combine quantitative and qualitative data for a more precise measurement. These people-data measurements quickly expose a business’ challenges. But more importantly, they also prescribe remedies.

This process works whether you’re a mid-sized water-sports business along the Schuylkill River or a publicly traded large cap anchoring the King of Prussia Mall.


With a new understanding of your business ailments—and the needed remedies—you can move on to Design. And as fun as assessment analysis is, Design is rewarding. This is the step where you develop and evolve your people strategies.

What are you designing? Everything meaningful to your company’s business success. Leadership. Culture. Teams. Really, your entire organization. Strategic, intentional design gives you the edge you need to trounce the competition.

A fitting example of PI’s Design component you’ll find in the Hire section below. And it relates to job fit.


Let’s say you hire for a tech company in King of Prussia. You’re tasked with building out a new team for a special project. The team needs to absolutely crush it, and that means bringing on an outside employee with a unique skill set to lead it.

You could spend days going through potentially hundreds of resumes from senior developers living in the Montgomery County area and other parts of Pennsylvania. Or, you could instead use the Hire tool to design a job target.

What’s a Job Target?

A Job Target is a set of pre-established criteria developed using input from executives and potential team members. It’s essentially a score potential candidates need to meet. Each applicant takes pre-interview PI assessments. How closely their scores match the predetermined score influences who you’ll consider for the position.

Because you now know exactly which behavioral and cognitive traits the team lead will need to succeed in their new role—and which candidates have them—you can narrow down the applicant pool from hundreds to dozens or fewer. So, not only will you save time and money spent reviewing resumes and interviewing, you’ll have leveraged an objective target that removes human bias from your decision making.

The result? A supercharged team that communicates effectively, stays highly engaged and drives the results you sought. This is next-level team building. And, as you’ll see in the following section, it aligns with the PI’s Inspire platform.


As the fourth component of the PI Talent Optimization system, the Inspire is integral to ongoing business success. It provides employees with people-data insights that help them better manage not only themselves, but their workplace relationships. Inspire involves everything from career pathing to measuring team performance over time. Consider the following scenario.

You’re the HR manager at one of the massive department stores anchoring KOP. And there’s a problem. Despite the changes you’ve already made to employee onboarding, your store still suffers from high attrition, even among sales managers.

This is expensive for the store, not only because you’re constantly training new hires, but also because the attrition causes a hit to sales.

So, how can you improve employee retention and the sales team that drives revenue and profit? You use PI’s Inspire tool.

The Inspire tool is like a custom-tailored manager’s field guide. Thanks to PI’s behavioral assessments, the guide details how to manage employees to top form based on their unique behavioral patterns. You’ll understand what drives them, what blunts their determination, how they communicate and more. Not only that, you can use the tool on yourself to sharpen your strengths and find others who can cover your weaknesses.

With Inspire, you can create the healthy and harmonious workplace culture that keeps employees and managers engaged. How?

The tool helps increase manager and employee self-awareness. It shows you how to mentor a person’s development only where it’s needed. It offers deep insights into group dynamics so you can place people in positions at which they’ll excel personally and with those they work.

Not only will you have the talent, you’ll have assembled it in a way that delivers performance and increase retention significantly. Problem solved.

The Leaders of Talent Optimization

MEA helps thousands of businesses grow through King of Prussia, southeast Pennsylvania and other states and regions along the Mid-Atlantic cost. We accomplish this in many ways, not the least of which is PI Talent Optimization.

We’ve mastered the science and utility of PI. And because we’re PI Certified Partners with a heavy regional focus, we’re considered the leaders of Talent Optimization. So, whether your business is stagnating, experiencing growing pains or just needs an edge to take it into high gear, we’re here show you the way.

Want to learn more about how we solve business challenges in King of Prussia specifically? Then follow this link to get in touch with a PI expert and we’ll take you on a test drive.